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Indus mushrooms stands as one of the most progressive mushroom manufacturers and suppliers in India. Apart from mushroom farming, we also offer custom-made consulting and maintenance services for mushroom farms. The company initiated as a small venture in 2010, and has been engaged in manufacturing of Oyster Mushrooms today. We are committed to take mushrooms to each household as a new vegetable full of proteins. Our team, consisting of skilled executives and experienced consultants, strive to effectively contribute to the Indian mushroom industry and make India a huge mushroom grower on an international level.


Become the quality mushroom grower & an integrated mushroom company in the world


Spread the goodness of mushrooms to every household


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Our Team

Nilima Morabkar

Founder & Director

Indus Mushrooms is the brainchild of her hobby in farming and agriculture. Nilima looks after execution of production process while steering the complete vision of Indus Mushrooms apart from taking care of areas like business planning, development and direction. She has got formal training on mushrooms cultivation and spawn production from agriculture college Pune and the Directorate of Mushroom research at Solan (Himachal Pradesh) respectively.

Peter Gray


Peter Gray works as an Advisor with Indus Mushrooms, presently, he is a Grower Manager with Phillip Mushroom Farms, USA and looks after the production of Oyster Mushrooms and its variants. He brings in a long experience of 30 years in the mushroom industry; he has been associated with Indus Mushrooms for quite some time and provides guidance and advice in mushroom growing to Indus Mushrooms' clients.

Our Experts

Team of domain experts for mushroom growers

Indus Mushrooms

Alok Kumar Chakraborty


Having a long experience of 40 years in the mushroom industry, he has been a witness of changing technologies and tools of the industry. He has worked with diverse companies located at various corners of India and is considered to be an authority in the Mushroom Industry and Consultancy.

Insus Mushrooms

Nilesh Pakale


An innovative mushroom grower, Nilesh’s expertise areas are mushroom production from composting to packaging. His experience of around 20 years encompasses several activities like purchase of raw materials, supervision of facility construction and more.

Indus Mushrooms

Peter Gray


An enthusiastic mushroom grower with extensive experience of more than three decades with a special interest in exotic mushroom types like Oyster, Shiitake, Maitake, Royal Trumpet and Pompom. His present activities focus on substrate preparation, log production and growing operations.

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